Peace, Niece, Fleece

by therevknits

We just got back from the second trip to The Lake with Emily and Fu. There were a few issues in the car, and all of them revolved around Fu. He wigs out when we get in the car, he wigs out if anyone opens a window, he wigs out if we stop, and he wigs out every time Emily moves away from him. Pleasant. I vote that we leave him at his house, but Ale insists that we bring all animals along each time we go to see my parents.

Here’s some pics of Em and Fu figuring out how to hang out in the backseat. It seems like it works if Emily lays on the Fu, but as soon as the cat snuggles up to the dog, we have to spend a couple of moments figuring out if this situation is acceptable. The dog is giving peace a chance.

I was able to spend some time with Big Niece and Little Niece. Little Niece picked out the dress she’d like me to knit her for Christmas. I’m going to design the dress, but the color scheme has been decided: RAINBOW. Big Niece always takes a little more time to decide what she wants, so after several Ravelry searches, I showed her designer Emma Fassio’s patterns, and she picked her fave kid sweater and asked for it in Navy. I was impressed at her decisiveness. Since it was designed in Gaia, one of Ale’s yarns, the yarn choice is simple.

Now I have to start designing and knitting something other than the Colourmart cashmere that just arrived from the UK. It drives Ale nuts, but I have to buy yarn. It’s what I do. I decided to check out all the Colourmart hype and just buy some yarn, so it was acid green cashmere for me. I took it to Mom’s so she could wind it on her new Niddy Noddy, and we had oily, cashmere string. Then we washed it with some samples of Unicorn Fiber Wash and Rinse that I picked up at the TNNA show, and… holy crap. We have cashmere. Acid. Green. Cashmere.

So, yeah, it’s not as nice (the twist is a little off and there are some broken strands) as the cashmere Ale sells, but it is Incredible Hulk green and >150g for $24 including postage. AND it arrived via Royal Mail, so even though it sat in my mailbox for approximately 3 minutes, I felt snazzy all day long. I’m knitting up a sample, so I can show before, after, and knitted photos.