Happy VD

by therevknits

Dennie, the culpit of the Valentine's Day Caper

My boxer dog has a secret valentine. Okay, let me try that again… my dog has a “secret” valentine because there is no doubt who left her present between my door and storm door today.

I came into the living room this afternoon to find my dog standing at the door with all the hair on her back standing up, so I looked out the front door and heard an engine and saw a shadow. There between the doors was a box of Fruit Loops with an envelope marked “EMILY.” The card inside said, “You’ve got to be my Valentine” on the front, and inside were the words “I already told everyone we slept together.” The card was unsigned, but this had to be from Dennie Swinney, the chair of BDUMC’s Trustees, my partner in staying up all night at the homeless shelter, and Emily’s official dog-sitter. Wow. That’s pretty funny. I guess it’s true that Dennie has a thing for redheads.

Dennie's Valentine

On a more tame note, Alex brought me cupcakes, sent me an indoor rosebush with a sweet card, and is in the process of cooking me dinner. I knew I agreed to marry him for a reason. The whole “Italian chef” thing is really working out for me.

I hope you spent your Valentine’s Day knowing that you are loved. If you’d care to share what your valentine gave you, I’d love to hear it.